Volvo 1800ES Sport Wagon White Original Artwork Print


The rich digital colors I’ve mixed and painted are modeled after the factory colors available in the years depicted. My design strategy is to draw accurate details, create reflections and shadows in the paint, chrome and glass finishes that will exceed what normally a camera will capture. The artistic backgrounds are often simplified bringing viewer focus to the automobiles.
Print only, does not include a frame.

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Volvo 1800ES Sport Wagon Original Prints

Volvo introduced the 1800ES in 1972 as a two-door sport wagon. It featured a very distinctive frameless tailgate glass which still feels contemporary today. The long low raked top really balances nicely with the 1800s lower body contours and sweeping beltline.

Much of the original P1800 design integrity transformed into this concept variant extremely well and seamlessly. Many of these cars became a popular rare model in the Nineties with large restoration investments made in the remainder of these low numbered cars.
After our recent cool off period of collectibles, the 1800ES is again enjoying another resurgence as a collectible worthy auto.

You’ll notice I have included an earlier P1800 coupe front view to complement the important ES rear gate and side view. I really enjoy the look of Minilite wheels on the 1800 series Volvos.

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11 x 17 High-Quality 6-Color Print