Volvo 1800 Coupe Red and Red Original Artwork Print


The rich digital colors I’ve mixed and painted are modeled after the factory colors available in the years depicted. My design strategy is to draw accurate details, create reflections and shadows in the paint, chrome and glass finishes that will exceed what normally a camera will capture. The artistic backgrounds are often simplified bringing viewer focus to the automobiles.
Print only, does not include a frame.

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Volvo 1800 Coupe Original Prints
The P1800 was presented to the public at the Brussels Motor Show in January 1960. In fall of 1960, the first production 1961 P1800 left the Jensen factory for Volvo’s P1800 anticipating public.

Having owned two P1800s, I can attest to the reliability and solid feel of these sport-touring automobiles. Their horsepower was modest, however, felt more spirited, quieter and more refined than other English four-cylinder autos of mine at the time. Their early dashes featured a sweep style of finished aluminum with a German influence in its’ gauges and layout.

Everything about the 1800 series stated refined engineering and style throw-backs to its Italian design heritage. My first 1963 P1800 with 54,000 miles was only 8 years old when I purchased it. The deep green factory paint with the tan leather interior still looked rich in finish and its overall fit was still crisp and tight. That was impressive to me when many new 70’s autos were suffering from mounting quality issues. This art demonstrates one of my favorite auto designs of today and yesterday. This definitely is an auto I would make room for, however, the 1800 print displays nicely on my wall as well.

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