Sunbeam Tiger Mark I Red Original Artwork Print


The rich digital colors I’ve mixed and painted are modeled after the factory colors available in the years depicted. My design strategy is to draw accurate details, create reflections and shadows in the paint, chrome and glass finishes that will exceed what normally a camera will capture. The artistic backgrounds are often simplified bringing viewer focus to the automobiles.
Print only, does not include a frame.

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Sunbeam Tiger Mark I Red – Original Print
I’ve owned many Rootes Group autos. Most were small, very odd, English 4-cylinder, 4-speeds. However, my favorite was the mighty BRG 65 Tiger 260.

When starting Velocity Fine Arts, I knew I had to kick off my first offering as a time travel tribute to my Carnival Red Tiger with its removable black hardtop. That Tiger also started down the roads in British Racing Green. However I liked Red, and it was completely transformed to my taste. You would not do that today so quickly, however, Tigers then sold for less than $4,000 in number 1 or 2 condition.

These are also hand drawn and then painted in Photoshop. It really allows me to zero in on details and then apply color with a multitude of custom digital brushes which support my creative style. When I illustrated the 260 engine and bay, I was able to zoom in tightly capturing the detail of even the wiring harness.

It’s a balance of detail and emotional attachment that I’m proud to offer for purchase in these original prints. If you share my Tiger blood, you’ll find these examples finely tuned.

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11 x 17 High-Quality 6-Color Print, 18 X 24 Rich 6-Color Print