C7 and C3 Stingray Shark Corvettes Original Artwork Print


The rich digital colors I’ve mixed and painted are modeled after the factory colors available in the years depicted. My design strategy is to draw accurate details, create reflections and shadows in the paint, chrome and glass finishes that will exceed what normally a camera will capture. The artistic backgrounds are often simplified bringing viewer focus to the automobiles.
Print only, does not include a frame.

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Stingray Shark Corvettes Original Print

With the Corvette C7 returns the Stingray badge. After painting the original Blue C7 I felt there would be one additional C7 Corvette coupe combination I would like to try within my designs. I chose to include the Chrome bumper C3 Gold big-block coupe with side pipes.

GM’s 1964 Mako Shark II concept car influenced the contours for 1968 and all C3s Corvettes following through until 1982. In choosing this pair in a new composition, I have included these sleek ocean predators within their natural aquatic deep blue environment. Both of these muscular automobiles were designed to slipstream through their environments without disturbing turbulence as do their namesake ocean predators. This dramatic conceptual and graphic painting has been well received and now offered in print for those who enjoy GM’s visionary design results.

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Dimensions 24 × 2 × 2 in

11 x 17 High-Quality 6-Color Print, 18 X 24 Rich 6-Color Print