Acura NSX Original Artwork Print


The rich digital colors I’ve mixed and painted are modeled after the factory colors available in the years depicted. My design strategy is to draw accurate details, create reflections and shadows in the paint, chrome and glass finishes that will exceed what normally a camera will capture. The artistic backgrounds are often simplified bringing viewer focus to the automobiles.
Print only, does not include a frame.

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Acura NSX

Even when sketching, you strive for a perfect balance between analogue and digital. That is, the secret of digital rendering relies on intense hand drawing skills which enhance the final results of design, brush strokes, color saturation and texture.

Michelle Christensen, a 34-year-old graduate of the famed Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Calif., said that growing up working on muscle cars with her father in their San Jose, Calif., garage influenced her design core.

Michelle was chosen for the Design Exterior Leader of the 2016 Acura NSX. She is the first woman to oversee the design of a supercar. The NSX is made up of a cocktail of techie materials: aluminum, high-strength steel, and carbon fiber.

The mid-engine layout was “one of the most fun proportions to work on. The side intakes became a really important part of the NSX profile,” Christensen said. “Visually, we want it to stand up and kick ass.” The flaring nostrils up front hide the radiators and the A/C condenser, while the side ducts gulp air for the intercoolers and engine intakes.

Finding the front grill intakes rather distinct in design, I included that shape in my black background design thematically in the red outline surrounding the Acura badge and the casted shadow within the foreground.

This NSX is easily one of the most advanced and technologically superior supercar under $200k. If you enjoy the last Gen NSX as I do, you may want to add my original art print to your collection.

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11 x 14 High Quality 6-Color Print