About the Artist

My understanding of automobiles has been fueled by ownership of many American, English and German collectible and higher end performance rides. This hands-on knowledge helps me in creating accurate automotive illustrations.

I’ve been drawing since childhood, a talent enjoyed constantly and still practiced daily. I was educated at a top ten College of Art and Design and have been a professional artist since the 80s. During the past 40 years, I have thrived in a career of illustration, design and photography direction. My portfolio features multi-media drawings, images, and stories tailored for marketing divisions of large international corporations.

Drawing Today

Strong Fine Arts watercolor, painting and illustration skills have allowed me to compete and sell in juried art showings while earning years of art commissions.

My learning has never been stagnant. In the early nineties, I enriched my talents from strictly doing traditional drawings to professionally executing Adobe Photoshop renderings. Today I enjoy the variety of professional digital painting tools available for drawing on my large format touch-sensitive screen. Interestingly little difference is apparent from my digital and traditional drawings and paintings. This process allows me to reproduce my original art with quality commercial digital printers for affordable limited sales.

Graphic and Traditional Arts

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